The weirdest animal names in the world


Have you ever thought about the painstaking task scientists undertake to name newly found species? It may sound like a dull affair, at first glance, but people whose job is to name animals do not always have it easy. They need to make the new names to be descriptive, while not being the same with some other species that has already been discovered and properly baptized.

Without further ado, here are the weirdest animal names in existence. And yes, they might make you wonder what the scientists who name them were thinking when they did so.


Wunderpus photogenicus

Now that must be a photogenic animal. If the image of an octopus carefully posing for what it doesn’t know but might become Instagram posts with a bit of following, comes to mind, then you are right.

One can only guess what the first impression this species of octopus made on the scientist who uncovered it was. The thing is the species is pretty photogenic. Their spots are particular to each individual, so they are pretty much like a signature. Some may interpret them as some fashion statement, and that can be blamed on the exotic and flamboyant name on the species.


Christmas tree worm

The lively appearance of these sea creatures probably inspired the marine biologists who found them to give them this weird name. They live in coral reefs and, while they are indeed, shaped like Christmas trees, they don’t have anything else in common with them.


Pseudis paradoxa

Also called the paradoxical frog so that laymen could get a better feel of what this species is all about, the Pseudis paradoxa fully deserves its name. It is among the few species in which the hatchlings are much bigger than the mature specimens. Seeing that the hatchlings can measure up to 10 inches in length, while adult frogs will only measure a quarter of that value, the paradox is revealed.


The pleasing fungus beetle

Fungus beetles do not necessarily elicit pleasant images in anyone’s imagination, but, apparently, there are some who do so. Most probably, you must be an entomologist to find these beetles pleasing, or maybe it is all a matter of comparing various species. Among the many fungus beetles crawling the face of the Earth, these must be the least displeasing, and that says something.

Also, their quite exciting carapaces with unique and lively designs justify a bit the need for calling them ‘pleasing’ above many others.


If you have ever watched King Julian’s adventures – yes, he did deserve his own show – in Madagascar, you might have already heard about the fossa. This carnivore probably inspires fear in more than just a bunch of dancing lemurs, as it is the biggest predator on the entire island, which says something.