Interesting facts about pet turtles

Turtles are beginning to gain popularity as pets and can be ideal for busy people who want a low maintenance animal to admire and appreciate — but maybe without having to invest a lot of time in walking them and stroking their ego as is the case with cats and dogs.

These magnificent creatures vary in shape and size, but they all have a typical mellow temperament, which can help a kid with anxiety by calming him or her down. They can be therapeutic in a sense, which only adds to the extensive list of surprising facts about turtles.

It is a common misconception among pet owners and the general public that all turtles swim. That is not the case, as tortoises, which belong in a different category, live on land. Not even turtles are exclusive to water. Naturally, all need to drink water to survive, but some species can also thrive in a desert environment.

Also, many turtles are what we would call omnivores, meaning their diets consist of both plant and animal proteins. That’s why when you are buying a turtle as a pet, it is better to ask the vet what you should feed it and what species it belongs to so that you can accommodate its living space to the specific requirements.

This next fact is just as weird as it is interesting. Similarly to many pet birds (and not wild ones), turtles have the ability to lay eggs without a male turtle fertilizing them. The females can lay as many eggs as they wish, but unfortunately, these would be infertile and won’t hatch. And unlike their wild counterparts, pet turtles can lay eggs all year round, while the wild ones follow strict seasonal cycles.

Did you know turtles can remember their owners? It is a weird fact, which people most associated with mammals, and not reptiles until research showed the opposite. But, nevertheless, it is true. Turtles will start move and lift their head when the owner is approaching them, a thing that doesn’t happen with strangers that often.

A quirky fact that I came across while reading about these pets is that turtles don’t have ears, which is definitely peculiar. However, they’re not deaf. They actually have a complex sound transmitting system, which involves skin flaps, bones, vibrations, and low-frequency sounds.

Turtles can be extraordinary pets if you are ready to pay attention to their needs and requirements. They are gentle souls that just need a bit of water and some delicious food. A thorough bath is required once in a while. Also, do not forget to let these shelled beauties roam free around the house when you get to have a few minutes to supervise them.