My favorite board games


Board games represent one of the most fun leisure activities you can take alongside friends and family members. Board games have been present at every family reunion and friend gatherings for centuries and are appreciated by both adults and kids.

Most of these board games imply at least 3-4 players, as well as strategies and plenty of thinking ahead. They usually last between 40 minutes and 2-3 hours, depending on their complexity, and can seriously damage your friendships and family relationships. Trust me, there are few friendships strong enough to resist a Monopoly game.

Although there are countless good board games available on the market right now, here is a list of my top favorites of all times.




It is probably the most famous board game in history and also one of the oldest. Its history goes back to 1903 when it was first used as an educational tool in order to show the negative aspects of private monopolies. However, it wasn’t until 1933 that a variation of the previous game, called “The Landlord’s Game” became popular under the name “Monopoly”.

Throughout its existence and especially in the past two decades, Monopoly had many iterations, including limited-edition releases by Hasbro, the manufacturing company, as well as plenty alternatives with different property names, according to the country for which it was intended.

Nowadays you can find thousands of variations of the original Monopoly, as well as hundreds of spin-offs and similar board games. The original one required 2-8 players and followed each player trying to advance on the board by purchasing properties and building houses and hotels on the premises.



Another classic game, Scrabble, appeared on the market over 80 years ago and has been sold in millions of copies worldwide ever since. The game is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. in the United States and Canada (the same company holding the rights to Monopoly) and a property of Mattel in the rest of the world.

This popular words game requires 2-4 players who must build as many words as possible with the letters provided on the board. Each letter is attributed a number of points and the winner is the one who has the most points in the end.


The Game of Life

The Game of Life which is simply known as Life was America’s first parlor game. It appeared back in 1860 but the modern version appeared only 100 years later, in 1960.

I remember this is one of the first board games I ever played and, in my opinion, this one represents the quintessence of family gatherings – a game that gets you through life, from college to getting your first job, marriage, kids, and retirement.


How to care for a pet chameleon


Owning a pet is very rewarding but also a great responsibility, regardless of its size. Apart from constant care, each pet requires a clean and safe environment, fresh sources of food and water, as well as plenty of pampering and attention.

And, while most people prefer larger animals such as dogs or cats, some choose less popular and more exotic animals to look after. Chameleons are amazing creatures but will not make the best pets for everyone so, if you want a chameleon as a pet, you have to know how to properly look after it and how to provide a safe environment for it.


Chameleon personality characteristics

These cute yet extremely fragile creatures are quite pretentious to look after as they require specific living conditions. Unlike most other pets, chameleons are easily scared and are often stressed about everything they don’t know.

Although quite social in the presence of people, they don’t like to be held or pampered so they won’t make good pets for children or owners who require a lot of affection from their pets.

As we previously mentioned, they can get easily scared so it wouldn’t be good to keep them in loud environments such as frat houses or places with constant parties. Chameleons also don’t like interacting with other pets so, if you already own a cat, a dog or any other larger pet, you might want to refrain from making them best buddies.


Looking after your pet

Looking after your chameleon means you should make all the necessary arrangements prior to your pet’s arrival at its new home. You will need a proper cage, as well as lighting, heat, food, fresh water, and supplements. Setting the proper environment for your chameleon pet means it will live a long and happy life, away from all stress factors.

Getting something like the ExoTerra chameleon cage to host your chameleon is also a great idea. This cage features a unique dual ventilation system and dual front opening doors to provide easy access for you to add the food and maintain the cage clean. Keep in mind that chameleons will grow in size as they age so you first need to make sure the cage is large enough to host your chosen type of chameleon.

Also make sure to place the cage in a warm and well-lit environment, away from windows and cold temperatures during the winter. The interior decors of the cage should be as authentic and fun as possible for your pet. Decorate it with real and fake plants of different sizes, climbing limbs, and even flowers or small pebbles and rocks.



Last but not least, keep in mind your pet’s nutrition. Chameleons usually feed on crickets which you can buy from your local pet store. Baby chameleons require smaller species of crickets but can also feed on fruit flies. You can also purchase flies, moths, worms or grasshoppers as snacks for your pet.

Your chameleon also needs water so try to spray the leaves of the plants inside its cage with plenty of water or buy a small waterfall from your local pet store.